1build is the Construction Cost Estimating Platform the Industry Has Been Waiting For

November 9, 2021
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Grow Your Business and Increase Profits with 1build Construction Estimating Software

Cost estimation is a struggle for professionals in the construction industry. Everyone from fledgling business owners to experienced construction experts have to grapple with it. In an industry with slim margins and tight competition, an inaccurate estimate can sink a business. To solve this problem, 1build has created an easy-to-use, accurate construction estimating software platform that helps contractors win bids, compete with other businesses, and succeed in their industry.

Why Use 1build's Construction Cost Estimating Platform?

Even experienced contractors can make estimating mistakes, leading to lost profits, construction delays, and client disputes. "1build is a trusted partner that can help any builder make their cost estimating and bidding process more efficient and successful," said Dmitry Alexin, the company's founder and CEO. 1build's cost estimating platform has the tools contractors need to make smart bidding decisions.

Single System

1build created their platform to be the ultimate cost estimation solution. While other platforms provide some components of construction estimation, 1build provides the only estimating platform that combines digital takeoffs, real-time cost data, and access to expert estimators—all in one place. With this information, contractors can complete accurate proposals at any stage of a project.

  • Locally sourced real-time cost data. 1build sources costs daily from big-box retailers, like Home Depot and Lowe's, to bring contractors real-time information about material costs in their area.
  • In-browser takeoffs. 1build's convenient platform allows users to complete takeoffs in their browser.
  • Dynamic takeoff updates. Takeoff and estimates are always in sync, allowing 1build users to stay up to date with material costs as they change.
  • Tracked subcontractor and labor rates. 1build provides full estimates with tracked subcontractor labor rates, general conditions, and equipment rental rates across the country.
  • Reliable estimates. Increase your forecasting accuracy, mitigate risk and improve the anticipated ROI with a reliable solution for project cost estimating.
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Reliable and Efficient

Cost estimation is a time-consuming activity for contractors. With 1build's simplified estimation platform, contractors save time. It's the most trusted cost estimating platform for general contractors.

Grow Your Business, Increase Profits

Accurate cost estimation allows businesses to predict revenues and increase profits. With 1build's predictable, accurate results, contractors can forecast their revenues with accuracy, mitigate risk, and calculate their anticipated ROI. This allows contractors to safely take on projects, win more bids, and streamline their bidding process so they can focus on running their business.

Benefits of 1build Construction Estimating Software

1build's cost estimating software was designed for contractor outfits of all sizes, from small sole props to large enterprises. With 1build, users have the flexibility to estimate projects of all types.

All the Information, Recorded in One Place

1build's spreadsheet-like functionality combines the intuitive feeling of working in your go-to spreadsheet program with an all-in-one platform. With a robust but easy-to-use design, contractors can upload drawings, PDFs, or photos, then take and record measurements on top of those uploads.

1build digital takeoffs

Estimate without Blueprints

Contractors who don't need 1build's full functionality can still create estimates easily without the need for a takeoff.

1build rapid estimates

Real-time Updates

Material costs fluctuate, often quickly and sometimes dramatically. 1build enables users to avoid spending surprises and make more money with real-time price updates.

1build live material rates

On-demand Estimating

1build's network of highly experienced estimators allows contractors to reduce or control staff overhead. Estimators do all the work, creating time for contractors to do what they do best.

1build on-demand estimators

See 1build in action

With 1build cost estimating software, a builder can easily create competitive, on-brand proposals for their customers that help them stand out and win more jobs. Find out more and experience 1build’s construction cost estimating platform. Request a demo today.

1build provides an easy-to-use integration with construction supplier catalogs and purchasing systems. Get access to millions of construction materials with our API today