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I can send out 12 bids a month without having to worry about it.
Joe Seager
Dakota Builders
1build's Estimator Subscription is core to our bidding process.
Lisa Waltman
TGH Carpentry & Drywall

What You Get:

  • Detailed, unit-itemized quantity takeoffs you can bring directly to your materials supplier.
  • Accurate cost estimates for materials, labor, and equipment in your area.
  • Personal consultations with an expert cost estimator who will lead you through the estimation and prep you for your bid.
  • Professional, organized, and accurate documents that put you ahead of the competition.

We’re A Builder’s Best Partner

The solution that unlocks accurate cost estimates and winning bids.

We’re seamless technology + real people service and a much simpler process. Just take a survey and upload your plans—we’ll read them using sophisticated software plus a team of expert estimators and give you a more accurate takeoff faster than anyone else.

Learn how MaintCo Corp wins more bids
with 1build estimates.

With 1build, you get more accurate cost estimates and takeoffs in less time, so you can stay ahead of the competition and win jobs. No more headaches, stress, or uncertainty.


Why 1build

Hiring pricey, slow estimators can set you back. Learning clunky takeoff software wastes your time and isn’t efficient. Which is why our combination of technology handled by our expert estimators is the sweet spot. We'll work with you personally and you don’t need to learn any software. Just upload your plans and let our professional estimators take care of you.

We are a team of estimators, architects, construction managers, and data scientists. We know what you need and can deliver it better than anyone else.