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1build is an on-demand cost estimating service that creates accurate cost estimates for contractors so they can win more bids and grow their business.

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Cost estimation subscription

For builders who are short on time and resources, 1build helps you create detailed and accurate cost estimates at scale so you can win more bids, faster.

Expert estimators

Grow your business by accessing expert estimators with decades of field experience in every trade. Our estimators will develop customized estimates to meet your unique needs.

Local material costs

Win more bids with detailed estimates. Get access to 1build’s comprehensive pricing database with over 1million locally-priced items for the most accurate cost estimates.

Set it and forget It

Don’t worry about learning complex takeoff software. We’ll do all the work for you. Now you can finally focus on working on your business, not in your business.


How it works

Get up and running in minutes; your first estimate in days

Upload your plans and get connected with a cost estimator with real world experience in your field. We’ll work with you every step of the way to get you a detailed, professional cost estimate, fast.


“The project process was fantastic! Sheesh, so simple.”

Jordan Iverson
General Contractor, Owner

“I’m impressed with the quality of service, the accuracy of their estimates, and their commitment to doing the right thing. I felt like I had a true partner in 1build”

Ricky Hunt
General Contractor, Owner

1build clears my plate so I’m helping my entire company while 1build is working for me.

Fred Berger
Construction Department Manager

Numbers we’re proud of:


average customer score

$1 billion

in construction project value

1+ million

materials and labor rates (in every U.S. zip code)


average customer ROI

36 hours

of time saved a month

70% savings

versus an in-house estimator

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