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“The project process was fantastic! Sheesh, so simple.”

Jordan Iverson
General Contractor, Owner

“I’m impressed with the quality of service, and the accuracy of their estimates.

Ricky Hunt
General Contractor, Owner

1build clears my plate so I’m helping my entire company while 1build is working for me.

Fred Berger
Construction Department Manager


What is 1build?

1build is an on-demand cost estimating service that creates accurate cost estimates for contractors so they can win more bids and grow their business. We have a team of expert cost estimators with decades of experience who work with you to get you a professional, detailed bid customized to fit your needs.

What is pricing based on?

The price you pay depends on the size and scope of your project. Typically larger projects involving more trades take more time and effort to complete. Contact us for a price quote for your project.

What am I paying for?

Joining 1build gives you instant access to local material rates, a world class takeoff tool, and a digital bid management platform. You get anything you need to complete a bid, all in one place. We’re happy to customize a plan that matches your pipeline. 

What trades can you handle?

We have a team of experienced cost estimators from every trade. Whether it’s drywall, concrete, low voltage, electrical -  you name it, we can do it.

What are monthly project win-rate assessments?

We help customize your cost estimation strategy according to your business goals and track success of your bids. Every month we’ll work with you to optimize your estimates to win more projects while protecting your margins. Our goal is to be a partner who wants you to win bids, not just submit them.

Have a question that’s not listed here?

Our team is happy to chat about what you’re building and answer any questions you have. Please contact us so we can see if 1build is a good fit for your business. 

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