digital construction takeoffs

Get your bid numbers right, faster

Forget exporting to a spreadsheet or manually assigning prices to material quantities. Your estimates are created live while you use the 1build takeoff software.

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Use in-browser takeoff

Complete construction takeoffs in your web browser without having to install extra software.

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Upload images, PDFs, or other relevant documents

Keep you drawings, PDFs, or photos in one place, then take measurements on top of your uploads with 1build takeoff software.

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Easily navigate large plansets

No need to worry about buffering or a stalled browser. Whether you have 1 or 100 pages, 1build can handle your planset of any size.

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Winning proposals

Easily share your professional, on-brand proposals with your prospects and customers. You can import your 1build estimates into your favorite construction management software for a fully integrated business solution.

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