Why More Contractors Turn to 1build's Construction Estimating Services

November 18, 2021
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Need Accurate Construction Estimating Services? Try 1build's Network of Construction Estimators.

For most construction companies, hiring an in-house estimator is expensive and inefficient. In fact, general contractors often don't even need an in-house estimator because some jobs don’t require the expertise of an estimator. Contractors with limited resources simply can't keep an estimator on staff solely for jobs that need it.

But what if they could get the expertise of an estimator when and where they need it? 1build's estimators are available on-demand for contractors. No more worries about time and labor shortages! When contractors use 1build’s services, they have access to expert construction estimators, on-demand. What’s more, 1build's trusted cost estimation platform helps general contractors avoid the added expense of hiring an in-house estimator and our expert estimators extend any contractor’s team—becoming a true partner that helps builders achieve their business goals.

Why Use 1build's Construction Estimating Services? 

1build's construction estimating services provide a one-stop shop for all construction estimation projects. With a space for uploading PDFs, drawings and photos, and an intuitive platform that functions like a spreadsheet, contractors can easily access all the information they need to accurately estimate their project. 1build even allows builders to record measurements on top of photos. 1build's robust functionality makes construction estimating easy. 

A Network of Construction Estimator Professionals

Reduce staff overhead with 1build's network of highly experienced estimators. 1build contracts estimators with decades of experience at top residential and commercial firms. No estimator? No problem. We’ll have one on standby for you.

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Real-Time Pricing Information

1build’s construction estimator will use the information you provide plus real-time information from your geographic area to create an accurate project estimate. Information from material suppliers at nearby big box locations, subcontractor and labor rates for your region, and equipment rental rates in your zip code are all factors that your expert estimator will take into consideration when creating your estimate.

With this real-time pricing information, your estimator will create a unique estimate for your unique project, taking into consideration the same factors that matter to you as you plan and execute your next construction job. 

Construction Estimating Services on Autopilot

Estimating is a complicated process that many small construction firms don't have time to complete in the course of a normal workday. In fact, with so little time in the day, small sole proprietorships and medium-sized construction firms often have to fit in their estimating during the quiet hours in the evening, at the end of the workday, or on weekends. 

But with 1build, you can just upload project plans, specify project scopes and preferences—and take the weekend off. That’s right, our estimators will do all the work for you.

Expert Guidance

1build carefully vets all its estimators for years of experience, knowledge of the field, areas of expertise, and up-to-date information about the changes in the industry. Material costs, labor costs, and related costs are constantly changing—especially in the last few years. Our experts stay up to date on those changes and provide a strong base of knowledge to ensure the best results—so you don't have to.

With help from our estimators, you can make more money on each project and avoid losses. You can even take on more complex jobs without needing to develop your own bidding or estimating strategy.


Preparing professional, accurate estimates takes hours of a builder's work day—especially if they don't have any expertise, training, or background in estimating. With 1build's simplified platform, the process is left to the experts. 1build makes estimating faster, leads to less wasted time, and gives contractors back time to bid more projects. 

Other Benefits of 1Build Cost Estimating Software 

1build’s cost estimating software is designed for simplicity in a streamlined, intuitive experience. We know that contractors don’t have the time to learn how to prepare a professional estimate or new software. We've simplified the process to maximize these benefits and minimize hassle:

  • Accurate records
  • Updates tied to local pricing
  • Grow your business

Accurate records

With all information recorded in one place, contractors can return to old estimates to see previous activity. Need to see the blueprints, PDF documents, pictures, or measurements? Simple. It's all stored in your account for reference in the future.

Updates tied to local pricing

Material costs change on a regular basis. Real-time price updates made in 1build allow contractors to make accurate spending decisions and avoid unpleasant spending surprises when making material purchases.

Grow your business

One of the best features about 1build is the way it allows contractors to grow their business. More accurate project bids means more profit, predictable revenues, and more ability to forecast the future of the business. Businesses can mitigate risk, make smarter project decisions, and ultimately ignite company growth.

Work With 1build's Construction Estimator Team Today

Bidding a complex job? Out of time? Out of resources? Our expert construction estimators are ready to prepare your takeoffs and bids for you. Using 1build’s construction estimating services is like adding another estimator to your team with the click of a button. Sign up today!

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