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February 25, 2020
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Your new 1-stop destination for advice on construction estimating, bidding and procurement

Today we're excited to announce the launch of 1build's new construction blog dedicated to technology, productivity and management for builders! The goal of 1build's blog is not only to write about current trends and the future of the construction industry, but also to keep you up-to-date on anything new happening at 1build. Whether you're a contractor trying to win a bid or a subcontractor trying to get an accurate takeoff, the 1build blog will provide helpful and authoritative content for those in construction.

Updated regularly throughout the week, the new 1build blog will keep you abreast of news and events in real-time. Important company updates will include:

  • News and announcements
  • Product releases
  • Software updates
  • Webinar sign-ups 
  • Promotions and deals
  • Event registrations

1build's construction blog will also be a one-stop spot to scoop up practical tips, tools and resources that will keep you in the driver's seat--helping builders like you grow your construction business with all of the following:

  • Templates and Checklists
  • Tutorials and How To's 
  • Surveys and Stats
  • Industry Research
  • Reports and Guides

For example, these tools and guides can help you learn everything from the seven  simple steps on how to estimate a small paint job to downloading our free construction bid template.

And finally, at 1build's new online home you can expect to find top industry news of the day as well as valuable insights and trends impacting every aspect of our industry--definitive articles on the history, evolution, and future of our industry and also key industry processes and concepts broken down and defined for you. Don't know what construction Quantity Takeoff is? 1build's construction blog is here to explain it in clear, easy-to-understand terms. Maybe you're just getting your feet wet in terms of learning about construction estimating? Our “Construction Estimating 101” post will help you get up to speed fast. Step by step, the 1build blog will walk you through what cost estimation is and how to do it like a seasoned pro. 

Moreover, our blog won't just be in the trenches with you--helping your business in the competitive, day-to-day fight to win more bids--we'll also publish content designed to show you where you need to go and, most importantly, how to get there! With success stories from the field, interviews with CEOs, profiles on groundbreaking companies and white papers from industry thought leaders, we'll celebrate successes and best practices as well as highlight emerging trends and game-changing technology advancing our field and shaping the future of our industry. 

We have big plans for 1build's new blog. It will be a bustling hub of vital construction information, news, research, and powerful resources to help you streamline workflow, boost productivity, and grow your construction business. Won't you join us?

Make sure to follow us by updating your bookmarks and RSS feeds and check in with us here at www.1build.com/blog/

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