Save Time & Simplify Your Construction Bidding Process with 1build Construction Takeoff Software

December 3, 2021
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Before a builder can create a formal bid for an upcoming project, they must first construct a list of every item required to finish the project. This list includes items like wood, rebar, piping, flooring, and so on. Once the list is made, quantities are added and a cost is assigned to each material. The complete document is known as a construction takeoff. It's an essential part of any construction bid or estimate.

The Trouble with Construction Takeoffs

Laborious construction bidding process. Because digital takeoffs are detailed and lengthy, they’re incredibly time-consuming to create. For these reasons, many construction professionals simply don't have time to do their own takeoffs. Furthermore, although takeoffs are an essential part of any complex construction project, they're also tedious. The longer it takes to produce a takeoff, the slower the bidding process.

Inconsistency. Most construction firms don't have a dedicated estimator. Different company team members may use varying methods to create their takeoffs. Disconnected estimating processes can lead to errors and small profit losses that can add up over time.

Benefits of 1build's On-Demand Digital Takeoff Process

1build's digital takeoff process offers a reliable solution for contractors seeking an efficient and consistent method for creating their construction takeoff. Here's what you can expect from 1build's digital takeoff system:

  • Efficiency. 1build's software enables contractors to build estimates and takeoffs at the same time, from one single system. There's no need to worry about messy, costly, disconnected estimating processes across multiple products.
  • Speed. 1build enables contractors to finish their construction bidding process more easily, with greater accuracy. This means contractors can produce more estimates in a shorter period. More estimates mean more jobs and more work, and—ultimately—greater growth for the company.
  • Increased win rate. Contractors without a dedicated estimator can take weeks to produce a bid, during which the bidding phase may close. Faster turn around allows contractors to gain back valuable time and capture business from more clients.

How Does 1build's Construction Takeoff Software Work?

1build's affordable construction takeoff software is easy to use. Even contractors who don't have a lot of time to learn a new platform find 1build's platform to be intuitive. Information is entered into the system to create the takeoff, then estimates are created in real-time while the contractor gets work done in the field.

Contractors who are tired of exporting material information to a spreadsheet and manually assigning prices to quantities can get their numbers easier and faster.

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1build's Construction Takeoff Software Creates Simplified Construction Bidding Process

The strong core features of 1build's construction takeoff software makes 1build's system far more streamlined and simple to use than traditional takeoff systems.

  • In-browser takeoff. 1build is designed to allow contractors to complete takeoffs in your browser without installing clunky software. 
  • Upload images or PDFs. 1build's construction takeoff software enables contractors to upload drawings, PDFs or photos and take measurements on top of your uploads.
  • Easily navigate large plansets. Large plansets quickly become hard to manage. 1build has created its software to manage large plansets. Whether it's three or 300 pages, 1build can handle a planset of any size. It's easy to load and easy to make changes.

Simplify Your Construction Bidding Process

Give 1build a Try

1build is available in a free trial for contractors who want to try our takeoff software for themselves. With 1build, residential and commercial contractors can easily create competitive, accurate proposals for their customers. Our streamlined process can help contractors stand out from the competition and win more jobs. Find out more—book a demo today.

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