Rely on Accurate Construction Cost Data with 1build Material Rates

December 22, 2021
why you should rely on accurate cost data

If materials cost data is the basis for all construction cost estimates, then accurate cost data is the single greatest factor contributing to winning bids that helps contractors grow their business and increase their profit margins.  

The trouble with the traditional estimating process is that chasing down subs’ bids and calling suppliers for cost data wastes valuable time. Unfortunately, material cost data becomes outdated very quickly—especially in the volatile post-COVID market. This is why more construction professionals turn to 1build to produce accurate bids.

1build's Platform Improves Estimate Accuracy

1build is designed to produce affordable, relevant building material takeoffs and cost estimates for each of our customers. When you use 1build for your construction cost data, that data will be sourced directly from your zip code. What’s more, all our estimates are based on costs that are local to you.

Reliable Construction Cost Data

We designed our platform this way because it allows construction professionals to create realistic project estimates with material data that's fully up-to-date. Realistic project estimates lead to predictable project results.

Increase accuracy. Because we draw our information from local material costs, bids that use construction cost data from 1build are more accurate and reliable. In fact, our material and labor costs are updated daily.

Mitigate risk and improve anticipated ROI. Accurate bids mean more savings and higher profits, even when contractors’ bids are competitively priced. With 1build's reliable solution for project cost estimating, contractors can gain confidence in their estimates.

Less wasted time. Contractors who follow the traditional bid estimate process waste countless hours calling vendors or chasing subs’ bids. In contrast, when using 1build’s construction estimating platform, our estimator network does the work, so our customers don't have to. Our expert estimators collect and validate cost data every day, ensuring our processes are the most efficient and accurate for builders.

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What Makes 1build's Construction Cost Data and Estimating Services Better?

If you're a contractor trying to decide whether to use 1build's platform, here's what you need to know:

  • Sourced directly from suppliers. 1build sources costs daily from big box retailers and local LBM distributors, so our bids are based on the type of material suppliers where contractors actually shop.
  • Daily updates. We track construction prices daily, so our customers can avoid surprises and make more money with real-time price updates.
  • Pre-built templates and assemblies. We keep an inventory of pre-built templates and assemblies to help contractors expedite their bids. This way, our clients don't have to wait for subs to respond to inquiries, saving time.
  • Estimates include labor, equipment and general conditions. No building materials estimator can create an accurate estimate without a full scope of contractor costs. That's why full estimates crafted using our rapid estimates tool or our network of expert estimators include tracked subcontractor labor rates, equipment rental costs, and general conditions across the country.

Ultimately, 1build's platform and building materials estimator enable contractors to protect themselves from fluctuations in material rates. We source our cost data in real-time from local suppliers and construction crews in local areas where our clients operate their construction business. Our commitment to sourcing local pricing and continuously updating cost data is how 1build became a best-in-class cost estimating platform for general contractors.

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