Summer Builds: Outdoor Kitchens

June 6, 2022
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Summer weather is here, and instead of heating up our kitchens with an oven, we all want to be grilling in the backyard! And while sometimes simple is best, here are some ways you (or your clients) can turn a simple porch or patio into a luxurious outdoor kitchen.

Wood Slats

For a modern—yet timeless—look, turn to narrow wood slats with wider spacing. Not only does it let the light in while still providing privacy, many woods (like teak) are weather-resistant without much preparation. Try this method for dividing walls, a backsplash behind your outdoor sink, or a pergola over a sitting area. If you tighten up the spacing between each slat, you can also use wood for cabinet doors and benches.

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Polished Concrete

For an outdoor kitchen that will last a lifetime, take a page from the hardscape pros. Polished concrete is a construction material that can take nearly any form and provide the all-weather surface you need for that family barbecue! You may have seen concrete countertops, but you should also consider using concrete for your entire grill surround, benches, and even planters for your herb garden.

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Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen Space

Blurring the lines between your home and nature, an indoor space that opens to the outdoor kitchen extends your living area during the warmer months. A window opening to a countertop with bar stools can capture this feeling, or you can truly open a wall with sliding or folding doors. In the blink of an eye, your patio party has a lot more room for grilled corn, smoked brisket, or a pizza oven.

Using sturdy, indoor construction materials can also help to bridge the visual gap between traditional interior design and the expected back porch aesthetic. Try wainscoting, intricate patterns, woven textures, and powder-coated light fixtures to bring the inside out.

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