Meet the 1build Pet Crew

July 10, 2022
1build pet crew

These four-legged construction pros are hard-hat ready, and can be paid in treat.

While the 1build staff is staying busy with cost data analysis and engineering the best construction estimating software, our pets prefer to be on the job site. What would their construction crew look like? We thought you’d never ask.

thor - safety manager

Thor - Construction Safety Officer

With an eye for detail, Thor is always keeping the tools and site in tip-top shape. No OSHA violations here! This crew is getting prepped with collars, harnesses, leashes, and all the clean-up bags they need.

Louie - Master Carpenter

Just look at this technique. Louie almost has this board ready for sanding, then he’ll work on installing the hard-stick flooring...after a game of fetch.

louie - master carpenter
maggie - field engineer

Maggie - Field Engineer

She’s new to the construction industry, but Maggie is ready to prove herself as the most useful pup for any paperwork or testing. And after a year of chasing trucks, Maggie is studying for her own Heavy Equipment Operator license.

Pikachu - Tile Setter

With an eye for design and craftsmanship, Pikachu takes tile setting to a whole new level...even if it does mean licking grout off his paws. He loves a simple herringbone pattern, but likes to mix it up with a little color, too.

pikachu - tile setter
dante - superintendent

Dante - Superintendent

He’s got plenty of industry experience, so Dante is leading the crew and keeping everyone on schedule. And he still likes to get down in the dirt every once in awhile, especially on demolition days.

Yasha - Drywall Installer

After this nap, Yasha will be energized for a full day of hanging drywall and getting that tape coat smooth. She brings the whole litter with her to the job site so there are plenty of paws to get the job done.

yasha - drywall installer
luna - landscape architect

Luna - Landscape Architect

While Yasha is indoors, Luna is handling the hardscape and plantings that are going to make the property look its best. A little river rock for good drainage, some pavers, a few drought-resistant plantings and the project is nearly done! Anyone need her to dig a few holes?

Winnie - Construction Estimator

Of course we needed a four-legged construction estimator! Winnie has been learning the ins and outs of estimating with 1build from her dad, and now she’s a pro. She’s ready to set up the most recent material and labor costs for your dog house, pet salon, or treat shop.

winnie - construction estimator
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