Get a Competitive Edge with Construction Estimating Software

November 23, 2021
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Ignite Your Business with 1build’s Rapid Estimates & Reusable Construction Estimate Templates

In the construction business, making money means winning bids—and the competition can be fierce. How do you get an edge above the competition? Making the bidding process easier for everyone is among the best ways to do it.

Here’s a fact: Complicated bidding processes can lead to fewer wins. If you’re relying on complex spreadsheets to handle cost estimates, there’s a good chance that you’re relying on an outdated process that’s costing you time—and money—in more ways than one. Beyond this, broken spreadsheets featuring outdated costs quickly translate into bidding errors—costly mistakes that send clients looking elsewhere.

Construction estimating software is your best bet—even though there are alternatives like in-house estimating teams or spreadsheets. 1build stands out as a solution above these alternatives because our best-in-class cost estimating platform allows you to improve your win rate, minimize risk, and boost your margins without the added cost of personnel and time involved. Builders can leverage this software to develop a construction estimate template that allows you to streamline the bidding process so that you can focus on running your business.

Advantages to Using 1build’s Rapid Construction Estimates

Here’s another fact: Builders who run on 1build are more profitable. Problems like inaccurate takeoffs, incorrect math, and rushed, poorly completed bids are among the top bidding mistakes that cost contractors jobs. 1build’s platform allows you to skip the broken, time-consuming spreadsheets and get directly to work. Simply plug in your square footage and trades, and you’ve got a finished bid—instantly.

With 1build, you can:

  • Increase your bid volume
  • Scrap spreadsheets using outdated costs
  • Use 1build’s real-time, local cost data for faster, more accurate cost estimating
  • Create bids in a fraction of the time you’d normally spend plugging numbers into spreadsheets
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1build: How it Works

1build is comprehensive construction estimating software that allows you to streamline the bidding process. Several core features of the software not only make bidding easier, but also give builders the flexibility to develop estimates without blueprints and update quantities as needed.

Building Estimates without Blueprints

Estimates on a high-level budget can be tricky. 1build allows you to input measurements taken from the jobsite so that you can create estimates easily, even without blueprints. When you do get the blueprints and you’re ready for the takeoff, you can update measurements later on.

Dynamic Takeoff Functionality

Dynamic takeoff functionality enables you to update quantities in your takeoff. When you do so, your 1build construction estimate template updates your estimates automatically so that your quantities and estimates are always in sync.

Construction Estimating Software Gives You Familiar Functionality

With familiar spreadsheet-like functionality, it’s easy to get started with 1build. Combine the intuitive nature of working within a spreadsheet with the powerful performance and real-time data that the 1build platform offers.

Create a Personalized, Reusable Construction Estimate Template

With the 1build platform, you can create one construction editing template or several that can be reused for your most common projects. This enables you to bid on jobs within minutes rather than taking days to create new bids.

Bidding brings in the work—or a lack of it if you’re stuck submitting proposals late, inaccurate numbers. 1build's construction estimating software makes the entire process easier, from start to finish. Create bids in less time, using fewer resources—and win more bids with the one-two punch of a rapid response and accurate, up-to-date costs. In short, 1build takes you from takeoff to estimate, instantly. 

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