General Contractor Success Story: Ntam Construction Teams Up with 1build For $2.2m Contract Win

January 1, 1970
General Contractor Case Study: Ntam Construction|

Ntam Construction and 1build Score Massive $2.2M Bid Win

Being a general contractor is tough enough without the added pressures brought on by a global pandemic causing skyrocketing prices and material shortages. As we’ve highlighted in our recent discussion on decreasing profitability for general contractors in construction, “50% of small businesses will fail in their first five years, but did you also know that only 36% of construction small businesses will ever make it to their fifth year?” All of these numbers suggest that the odds are already stacked against small contractors without the additional problems brought on by the pandemic.

But Victor Ntam and his construction firm, Ntam Construction, is unlikely to become one of these statistics. Victor founded Ntam, a general contracting firm, only 3 short years ago, yet he’s having no problem finding new jobs. In fact, his business has grown so much he now splits his team between two cities. But being a CEO of a growing construction business means that Victor is not only short on time, but is also having to do every cost estimate for construction bids himself.

But fortunately for Victor, he found a solution that will help to ensure his business survives well beyond its 5th year: 1build cost estimating services. Ntam has partnered with 1build over the last 6 months, developing many winning cost estimates for multiple bids. With 1build’s help, Victor no longer has to spend late nights crunching numbers and is growing his business “exponentially.”

If you’re a general contractor, we encourage you to read all about Victor's success using 1build's estimating service.

The Challenges of a General Contractor

Ntam Construction is a GC founded by Victor Ntam in 2018 and located in Washington DC. While Ntam originally focused on home renovations, it recently began transitioning into commercial projects.

Although Ntam is only 3 years old, Victor has been working in construction since he was a boy. After amassing over 12 years of jobsite experience, Victor founded Ntam construction. Ntam has been growing rapidly ever since and now employs in-house plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and HVAC technicians among others.

With his business growing into new metro areas and the added challenge of transitioning into larger commercial projects, Victor no longer has the time to pick up a hammer and roll up his sleeves like he used to. In fact, more and more of his time is spent on the administrative side of his business.

In fact, Victor is so inundated with the day-to-day administrative tasks of running his business that he hasn’t had any time to himself for the last two years.

The situation came to a head when a project fell into Victor’s lap: “I got a big job and they needed the proposal yesterday. I was like, ‘How am I going to do this?’ I just thought, ‘Man,  I need to find an estimating company fast.’”

How to Win a $2.2M Bid if You’re a General Contractor

Luckily for Victor, he discovered 1build accidentally while browsing social media. He came across an advertisement at just the right time and reached out.

Once a 1build estimator explained the cost estimating service, Victor felt confident 1build could help him solve the short-term problem of preparing a detailed and accurate estimate for his job in a quick time frame, but also felt confident that 1build’s subscription service was the answer to his long-term problem of not having enough time to “do” all the estimates himself.

Victor also learned that 1build’s estimating service was easy to use and their customer service was exceptional: “It's perfect. All I have to do is upload the project and specify labor and the trades I need to be done. It's so easy and it makes my life so much easier. 1build’s customer service is impeccable!”

Astonishing Results

By partnering with 1build, Ntam was able to win his large project valued at over $2.2M dollars.

Since submitting their first bid together, 1build has gone on to develop three additional estimates for Ntam, cementing a relationship that has yielded a huge ROI for Victor. In total, Ntam received a 100x return on their investment in 1build and 10 hours time savings.

What’s more, with 1build’s help, Ntam’s busineess grew exponentially in the last year: “Having 1build here to take on the larger projects I'm getting has been very helpful.” However, 1build is not only helping to take the burden off Victor’s shoulder’s, but also providing analysis and advice to grow his business:

You get so much more than an estimate with 1build. 1build doesn’t just make your job easier; they provide input on how to improve your business and work with you every step of the way to achieve your goals. It's amazing--I finally have a real partner.

By leveraging 1build, Ntam has become true success story:

  • $2.2M Contract
  • $10 Hours Time Savings per Week
  • 100x Return on Investment (ROI)

Want to Have Success as a General Contractor? 1build Can Help You Start Writing Your Own Success Story

NTAM construction general contractor case study

With the right cost estimating service on your team, you not only gain peace of mind and get your life back, but you can also do all that while winning bids and growing your business.

If you’d like to learn more about how Ntam Construction achieved these amazing results with 1build, you can grab the general contractor case study here and learn how cost estimating services can change your life as well as your business:


However, if you want to get started quickly, we can help. Once you become a 1build subscriber and submit your plans, you can receive accurate and detailed cost estimates and quantity takeoffs within days. What’s more, you benefit from speaking to estimators with 20 years of field experience so you can develop a cost estimate that will help you win your next bid. 

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