Estimate the Right Way with 1build Construction Estimate Software

February 7, 2022
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Can construction takeoff software fix your profit problem?

There are two major pitfalls when estimating a construction project:

  1. Either you bid too high and lose the project before it even starts, or
  2. You bid too low and end up running over on materials and labor, eating into your profit margin.

Add in an unpredictable market and product delays, it’s no longer safe to guess at costs based on previous projects.

Contractors who are serious about surviving the instability and growing their business are adopting the latest technology tools to get ahead of the competition. That’s where 1build comes in. Contractors don’t just need another spreadsheet or project management software. The business of building requires a combination of real-time cost data, professional estimators on hand, and a cloud-based takeoff platform that is ready when you are.

Your construction estimate software punchlist

Ready to level-up your technology? 1build’s construction estimate software is made up of five major components:

  1. Rapid Estimates with prebuilt assemblies
  2. Live and local cost data sourced from nearly 1,000 suppliers nationwide
  3. Customer Success Coaching ... for life
  4. The 1build Estimator Network
  5. Cloud-based construction takeoff tool
1build core components

Rapid Estimates with prebuilt assemblies

Get your estimate started in just a few minutes. Load in your project location and square footage, then choose from assemblies in the 1build library that include sets of materials and labor. You can also choose individual products, or input your own custom line items. Arrange each set of materials into groups based on room, level, or CSI divisions. Each line is easy to adjust for unit of measure and also includes formula functions, just like a spreadsheet. You don’t need architectural plans to get started, and you can mark favorite assemblies so you save time with every bid.

Live and local cost data sourced from nearly 1,000 suppliers nationwide

Prices are changing every week; don’t wait for the next quarterly price book update. To get the most up-to-date material costs and forecast future project values, you need the power of real data. The 1build cost database is fully integrated into our construction estimate software platform, so every time you add an item to your estimate, the most recent local price automatically populates. No more calling suppliers and subcontractors and waiting for pricing. You can create your bid with confidence, knowing that 1build is aggregating material and labor prices from hundreds of suppliers across every county in the United States. Lumber is up? That framing estimate will still be accurate. Glass in short supply? Compare window types to see what fits the client budget.

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Customer Success Coaching . . . for life

Most software companies offer training for an additional cost. But with 1build, you have a Customer Success Coach—included in your subscription–as long as you are using our software platform. No matter the type of project you are estimating, there is a coach in your corner, helping you make the most of 1build. Learn to build a template, add your logo to an exported PDF of your bids, create custom assemblies, and change the scale on your takeoff. No matter the question, you have access to the support you need to create a winning bid.

The 1build Estimator Network

Need a pro to do the estimating for you? All 1build subscribers get access to our Estimator Network. As an additional service, our expert estimators can complete your bid in three to five business days. The Estimator Network is pay-per-project, so add us to your team when you are facing a rush project, a new kind of building type, or need to get back to the field. We're also there when you need the extra set of estimating hand, but you don't want to invest in a full-time hire. The service is priced per sheet and number of trades, so you’ll never pay for more than you need.

Cloud-based construction takeoff tool

With our construction takeoff software, you can connect your drawings, measurements, and item counts into your estimate. For group measurements that use the same material, add colors and textures to ensure you don’t miss anything, then load your measurements and watch the prices populate. There is nothing to download—simply open your account in any web browser window.

Are these the updates your company needs to stay competitive in the residential and commercial construction markets? See the 1build estimating service in action by signing up online today!

1build provides an easy-to-use integration with construction supplier catalogs and purchasing systems. Get access to millions of construction materials with our API today