What Kind of Construction Takeoff Software Do You Need for Your Project?

March 16, 2022
construction takeoff software

The difference between material and quantity takeoffs.

When you talk to any successful contractor, they will tell you that the first step in really growing your construction company is nailing down your estimating and takeoff workflow. Without precise measurements, counts, and supply details, all of your hard-earned profit will go straight into material overages and change orders. A robust construction takeoff software is going to make a world of difference for your construction company, but first you need to know your terminology. Plenty of contractors mix up material and quantity takeoffs, so here’s what you need to know.

What is a Material Takeoff?

A material takeoff is a general type of measurement that happens before estimating a construction project. This can include standard units of measures like the square footage of a section of wall or flooring. And as the name suggests, material takeoffs are focused primarily on the materials needed for a construction project and do not take into account additional labor, equipment, or overhead costs.

What is a Quantity Takeoff?

A quantity takeoff is a more detailed report of items that comprise the entire construction assembly. A square foot of wall is broken down into counts of studs, plate material, exterior sheathing, and screws. A quantity takeoff provides a purchase list that you can take to your supplier to order materials. They are more exact and allow your entire team to see what it will take to finish the project. Some quantity takeoffs also include overhead charges like on-site office space, equipment rental, and site fencing.

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Estimating Services for Material and Quantity Takeoffs

For most of construction history, estimates and takeoffs were done by hand. This manual process involved long site walks, paper and pencil, and mental calculations. Prone to human errors, this less efficient method has been upgraded as technology advances. Today, there are several construction takeoff software options, but who wants to learn how to use those?

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