The 90 Best Construction Bidding Websites

April 16, 2020
90 best construction bidding websites|90 best construction bidding websites

From your network of contractors, you hear about a great construction project requesting bids that your firm would be perfect for. You read the RFP and spend days creating a detailed and accurate estimate. But then you find out that the lead is old and there is simply no way your firm can beat out the competition. So you’ve wasted time and labor and are no closer to finding work. This is all too common in an increasingly competitive bidding environment in which the average margins for the construction industry are less than 1% and most firms are losing more bids than they are winning. 

Gaining referrals through partnering architects and engineers and word-of-mouth through previous clients are some of the best ways contractors can find the right projects. And in an ideal world, contractors no longer have to bid competitively on jobs, because clients are actively seeking them out. But in reality, most contractors don’t have established reputations or networks and struggle to find new work. However, there is a solution that enables builders not only to find more jobs to bid on, but also the right jobs: construction bidding websites. When construction bidding websites were first launched, they had few opportunities and charged a fortune. However, in the last few years, construction bidding sites have come into their own--offering more variety and pricing options--becoming the go-to resource for contractors to find jobs and win more bids.

Indeed, the best construction bidding websites provide information about construction projects as well as contact information for the client. Each website also provides a unique interface and bidding package. A major benefit of construction bidding websites is that you can perform searches for the right project based on your construction company's specialties and preferences. You can also view projects in various locations across the country and around the world. By having this information at your fingertips, you can leverage a cost estimating service and the definitive guide on how to master the bidding process to create the right bid to submit for your ideal project.

We've gathered 90 of the best construction bidding websites and broken them down into 5 key categories to help you discover the job opportunities that are right for you: (1) paid/commercial,(2) unpaid/free, (3) government,(4) regional and (5) trade.

Paid/Commercial Bidding Websites

1: Dodge Global Network

The Dodge Global Network website, which also comes as a mobile app, allows you to search for projects and download construction plans. 

2: CMD (Construction Marketing Data)

Construction Marketing Data is a huge database that shows your project leads by state as well as projects in Canada.

3: from Build Central offers private and commercial construction project reports. You also have access to company reports and people reports to make the best bid decisions.


This commercial bidding website features 1.1 million active contacts. lets you search for the right project based on location, project status and other search criteria.

5: Bid Scope

This website is a paid lead search engine that helps locate project leads.

6: Building Radar

Building Radar allows you to search for projects by location and project type, as well as by architect.

7: Construction Data

Construction Data offers private commercial construction leads as you can access a range of contact information for lead managers.

8: Dodge Lead Center

The Dodge Lead Center lets you search for projects by your state and area.

9: Dodge Construction Central

The Dodge Construction Central website is both a bidding and collaboration platform.

10: Construction Journal

Construction Journal has verified construction opportunities for commercial, residential, industrial, manufacturing, medical and other projects.

11: Medical Construction Data

As the name implies, the Medical Construction Data website focuses on construction projects in various phases in the medical sector.

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Free/Unpaid Bidding Websites

12: Construction Bid Source

Construction Bid Source does offer a free version, although the paid subscription will provide additional features. You can view the project's scope as well as search based on project type.

13: Bid Express

Bid Express offers a free service for construction bidders. They also host bid platforms for agencies and organizations that want to post bids.

14: Building Construction Bid Network

This bidding forum offers projects in the United States, Canada and around the world. You can view company information and review the project scope.

15: Development Business

Development Business offers United Nations project bids from around the world. You can filter the database results based on region and project type.

16: eBid eXchange

eBid eXchange is website portal that hosts bidding platforms for companies, organizations and local government agencies.

17: Infrastructure Civil Works and Construction Tenders

The website features international construction tenders as you can drill down on the projects by region and country.

18: North America Procurement Council

The website features a hub page with links to procurement and bidding sites across North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Government Bidding Websites

19: (FedBizOpps.Gov)

The website was formally known as the FedBizOpps.Gov as it featured over 32,000 federal construction projects. Yet the website was recently retired and merged into a centralized system at It is a free service.


While is a paid subscription website that features 35,000 state, local and federal government projects such as roadwork, electrical and construction bids.

21: BidNet

BidNet allows contractors to find state, local and federal government contract opportunities. This paid subscription searches for RFPs and sends the best matches to you.

22: America's Business Network

America's Business Network features bids, tenders and RFP's for government and private projects as it is a free service.

23: Find RFP

Find RFP is a system that screens available government bids and then sends out notifications.

24: Government Contracts and Bids

You can browse through over 40,000 active government bids as these opportunities feature state and local projects.

25: State and Federal Bids

This website takes a new approach by listing government bidding projects focused on road and bridge construction projects.


Onvia provides construction supply and service companies informal bidding opportunities of near term government projects.

Regional Bidding Websites

27: Bid Central

Bid Central focuses on construction projects located in British Columbia as they feature tens of thousands of private, public and pre-bid opportunities.

28: Biddingo

Biddingo offers government and private bidding projects all through the western provinces of Canada.

29: Merx

Merx offers a paid service as it provides thousands of construction opportunities located in Canada, and US projects that are open to Canadian contractors.

30: Universal Information Services

This website crawls newspaper publications, online sources, and periodicals for construction project leads.

31: Daily Journal Commerce

The Daily Journal and Commerce offers bidding RFPs for projects throughout the Pacific Northwest

32: Bids PR

Bids PR provides bidding alerts sent via email to contractors as projects are located in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

33: LDI Line

LDI Line features construction project leads located in the Southeastern United States. You can also obtain hard copies and digital plans online.

The following is a list of procurement, purchasing and bidding administrations directly through state agencies.

34: Alabama

35: Alaska

36: Arizona

37: Arkansas

38. California

39: Colorado

40: Connecticut

41: Delaware

42: District of Columbia

43: Florida

44: Georgia

45: Hawaii

46: Idaho

47: Illinois

48: Indiana

49: Iowa

50: Kansas

51: Kentucky

52: Louisiana

53: Maine

54: Maryland

55: Massachusetts

56: Michigan

57: Minnesota

58: Mississippi

59: Missouri

60: Montana

61: Nebraska

62: Nevada

63: New Hampshire

64: New Jersey

65: New Mexico

66: New York

67: North Carolina

68: North Dakota

69: Ohio

70: Oklahoma

71: Oregon

72: Pennsylvania

73: Rhode Island

74: South Carolina

75: South Dakota

76: Tennessee

77: Texas

78: Utah

79: Vermont

80: Virginia

81: Washington

82: West Virginia

84: Wisconsin

85: Wyoming

Trade Construction Bidding Websites

86: iSqFt

At iSqFt paid service, you have access to public and private commercial construction bids, and over 800,000+ construction professionals. You can also connect with trade professionals as well as send bids to subcontractors.

87: Walsh Construction

Walsh Construction is a family owned construction and contractor company that solicits bid opportunities in the United States and Canada. It's a free service.

88: Construction Monitor

Construction Monitor offers a weekly trade edition report that features thousands of commercial, residential and solar construction projects.

89: IHC Construction Companies LLC

IHC is a construction company that offers a bidding opportunities in Illinois and Georgia

90: Miron Construction

Miron Construction offers subcontractors bidding opportunities located throughout the Midwest that they can be download as a PDF file as you would submit a bid to the company.

Finding construction bids online is doable. These 90 construction bidding sites can help contractors, subcontractors and construction suppliers locate the opportunities that best fit their preferences. So you can decide on the projects you want to work on and place bids in time to win the project for your firm. While preparing your bids, you can leverage a construction cost estimating service to estimate project expenses.

Happy hunting!

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