Concrete Contractor Success Story: Crescenta Valley Concrete

March 11, 2021
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1build Helps Crescenta Valley Concrete Win a $420K Contract for Large Apartment Complex

Construction is hard and isn’t getting easier in today’s climate. Beyond the challenges that a global pandemic are presenting to contractors, construction profitability is falling dramatically, especially for subcontractors focused on trades like concrete. According to a recent study, “ 71% of contractors surveyed are facing at least one material shortage and those shortages will continue throughout 2021. Is it any wonder that many contractors and subs feel frustrated?   

Like so many other concrete contractors, David Diaz, owner of Crescenta Valley Concrete, often felt frustrated. He had worked for over 33 years to grow his business significantly, but it just wasn’t growing as fast as he knew it could. He had tried almost everything and had spent so many late nights trying to do it all on his own--even his cost estimates--that he was simply exhausted.

But the truth is David’s experience is the norm. Most small, mid-sized, and even some large construction firms are having a hard time, especially given COVID-19, which has disrupted supply chains, decreased the labor force, increased cost of materials, and significantly increased cost and schedule overruns. Given how difficult it is for a business to succeed in today’s construction environment, David needed a solution--fast.

If your concrete business is struggling like David’s, you’ll be happy to learn that David is no longer struggling and his business is now growing quickly because he leveraged 1build--a new cost estimating service--to develop a cost estimate that won him a 420K bid. 

David’s business is now growing rapidly with the help of 1build, and he’s no longer spending his nights sweating over his own cost estimates for jobs he’s unlikely to win. Now, with 1build’s help, David’s business is on the fastrack, and he’s free to focus on his business instead of winning the next bid. 

If you’re a concrete contractor, we invite you to read about David’s amazing success story below.

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The Challenges of a Concrete Contractor

Crescenta Valley Concrete is a full-service concrete contractor founded in 1988 by David Diaz and employs 11 laborers. Crescenta self-performs and manages all aspects of concrete foundation work and flatwork. They self-perform formwork, concrete placing, and finishing, and partner with local earthwork, rebar, and pumping subs. Crescenta is also the “go-to company” for many general contractors in the area. 

Although Crescenta had been slowly growing over the years, David knew that if he just had more time or more office help, he could increase the number of bids and grow his business. But he couldn’t afford to keep a full-time onsite estimator on staff and also didn’t have the time he needed as the owner of a successful contracting business to complete more bids. David’s business was stuck:

“I was exhausted trying to do it all and frustrated by so much wasted opportunity.”

David had a serious challenge: “I needed to find someone who was an expert in both concrete and cost estimates--who I could also trust to do quality work, fast.”

How a Concrete Contractor a Won a 420K Bid with 1build

David found his expert in concrete cost estimates--1build--when one of his employees told him he had heard about a new kind of cost estimating service that didn’t just do takeoffs but truly partnered with their clients to provide detailed and accurate estimates to help them win more bids.  

When David reached out to 1build, he was immediately impressed by how quickly 1build responded to his inquiry. After speaking with an estimator, David quickly subscribed and sent over his project plans. However, when 1build told him they could have a completed estimate for him to submit in just two days.

1build’s estimators took the time to get to know his business and then immediately went to work, staying in constant communication with him. David didn’t need to worry about his estimate because 1build proactively updated him regularly on their progress, answering any questions he had: 

“Before I could even wonder about my estimate, the phone would ring and 1build would be there, letting me know how things were going. I never had to worry or stress. They just handled it for me. 1build treated like a true business partner, not just a customer.”

Amazing Results

By working closely with David, 1build’s expert estimators were able to develop a high-quality cost estimate for the 60-unit apartment complex in less than 48 hours. 

1build delivered a detailed and accurate cost estimate for a project that enabled him to win a contract valued at $420,000 dollars.

In short, Crescenta Valley Concrete received a 443x return on their investment in 1build:

 “We not only won our bid, but the owner was so impressed by the estimate we submitted that he selected us for two more projects, which means 1build helped us win three projects for the price of one--growing our business exponentially. 1build is the best investment a contractor could make.”

Today, Crescenta has witnessed nothing short of astonishing results from using 1build:

  • $420K Contract
  • $55K Savings
  • 443x Return on Investment (ROI)

Want to Achieve Success like Crescenta?

Concrete Contractor Case Study: Crescenta Valley Concree

If you want to achieve success like Crescenta, we have some good news for you. With the right cost estimating service at your fingertips, you can. If you’d like to learn more about how Crescenta achieved these amazing results with 1build, you can grab the concrete construction case study here and start leveraging the power of on-demand construction estimating services for yourself.

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However, if you want to get started quickly, we can help. Once you become a 1build subscriber and submit your plans, you can receive accurate and detailed cost estimates and quantity takeoffs within days. What’s more, you benefit from speaking to estimators with 20 years of field experience so you can develop a cost estimate that will help you win your next bid.

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