Benefits of a Professional Construction Estimating Network

May 13, 2022
estimator network - construction estimating

Where to turn when you need a pro construction cost estimator ... fast.

The average salary for a construction cost estimator in the United States is $72,720, with more experienced estimators earning over six figures. If your contracting company isn’t ready to pay the full-time salary and benefits that come with a professional estimator, but still need the expertise and quick turnaround of an in-house team member, where do you start?

Individual contractors can be hard to find, especially when you are looking to turn around a project quickly without sacrificing quality. That’s why 1build created our Estimator Network, a group of pro construction cost estimators brought together to create estimates for you when you need a helping hand. With every 1build subscription, customers have access to this team of vetted and trained professional estimators, who are matched up with you based on your specific project needs. And everything happens right in your 1build account!

Here are some of the benefits of working with a professional construction estimating network.

Save Time

With a team of professional estimators available for your projects, you can quickly find an estimator who is right for your project without spending hours calling around for the help you need. The 1build Estimator Network is also set up for quick turnaround estimates so you never miss a bid deadline. Your matched estimator will also save you valuable field time by taking on the construction estimating work.

The 1build Estimator Network has access to our full localized cost database, and they can also research specialty materials and equipment that you may need for your project. The communication between you and your assigned estimator is all handled within the 1build platform, so you’ll get quick responses on scope changes or material questions.

Expand Your Business

Is your business ready to level up? Let’s talk about quality and quantity, because you’ll need a little of both.

The quality of your workmanship is crucial, of course, but you also need a professional estimate that showcases your company’s ability to structure a bid, give detailed scope feedback, and provide accurate pricing to an owner.

Quantity also comes into play when you begin looking at your bid-hit ratio. Depending on the project type, contractors typically win one project for every four to six they bid. If you want to quickly increase your project wins, then you also need to increase the number of bids you submit. The 1build Estimator Network can be the perfect solution for submitting multiple bids quickly.

Build Something New

What’s the plan when you want to explore a new kind of construction market? Maybe you have focused your career on residential renovations, but now you want to move into commercial build-outs. Or maybe you have been doing private electrical installation, but you now want to work in the public sector.

According to Construction Dive, some of the hottest construction sectors to watch in 2022 are:

  • Distribution Centers
  • Data Center Construction
  • Federal US port projects
  • Life Sciences Buildings
  • Infrastructure Projects

When you are looking to bid a project that is beyond your normal experience, the 1build Estimator Network will connect you with a professional construction cost estimator who will show you the ropes and create a bid that matches your new area of work.

Grow Your Team

By using a trusted pro construction estimating fleet, like the 1build Estimator Network, you can focus your resources on hiring other critical roles in your business such as superintendents, skilled labor, and project managers. You can either request to use the same 1build estimator for every project, or change estimators per project—either way, 1build is an extension of your team. With every project win, your business grows and you can continue working with a 1build estimator to refine your pricing process.

Get started with the 1build Estimator Network today and send us a project! You’ll have the opportunity to see how our platform works, talk with our team, and connect quickly with an estimator who is the right fit for you.

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