How do I get a sense of a jobsite if I can’t physically visit it in person?

June 9, 2022
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Sometimes you just can’t drive to the sitewalk. Here’s some easy ideas:

  1. Ask the owner/GC for site photos. They often have a download link ready to share; if not, they’ll typically text them to you.
  2. Google Maps. If a jobsite hasn’t changed substantially in a few months, then the Google Maps will be roughly accurate. Try street view as well as aerial view.
  3. Hire a drone for sitework/exterior based projects. Use Multivista or a similar drone company to take some aerial photos for you. You can use an ongoing professional contract or a local freelancer. Make sure to get the owner’s approval before doing this.
  4. For interior renovation projects, hire a walkthrough with a 360° camera. Use Matterport to hire a professional to walk the project with a 360° camera and stitch it together. These are surprisingly affordable!

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