1build is your trusted cost estimation partner

1build is your trusted cost estimation partner

We don’t just provide fast, accurate estimates. We believe in partnering with our customers – working closely with you and your business every step of the way to ensure your success.

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Our process

Customize your strategy

Armed with deep insights into the construction industry, your area of focus, and local pricing, we help you create a strategy that will beat the competition.

Proactive communication

Stay in the loop with every aspect of your estimate. Align on scope and project specifications to win your next bid.

Real-time customer support

Through personal service, real-time support, and expert guidance, 1build’s process is designed to ensure your success.

“I’m impressed with the quality of service, and the accuracy of their estimates.

Ricky Hunt
General Contractor, Owner

“The project process was fantastic! Sheesh, so simple.”

Jordan Iverson
General Contractor, Owner

1build clears my plate so I’m helping my entire company while 1build is working for me.

Fred Berger
Construction Department Manager

Gain an advocate

Leverage a trusted advocate for your business who understands your needs and will work to ensure your bidding and estimate goals are met.

Receive expert guidance

Receive expert guidance from best-in-class estimators with over 15 yrs experience so your estimate is the most detailed and accurate.

Complete your estimates fast and easy

Ensure your estimates are completed quickly and seamlessly via proactive communication and dedicated, real-time customer support.

Relax as you win bids

Rest easy while our estimators do the heavy lifting for you, managing the entire estimation process from plan submission to winning bid.

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