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Millcreek Builders
Austin, TX
Framing & Drywall Cost Estimate

Aaron, founder of Millcreek Builders, came to us with a framing and drywall project he was looking to bid. Pressed for time with other ongoing jobs, he needed someone to help with a cost estimate.

Lauren, one of our estimators, used 1build’s takeoff software to quickly analyze the plans and come up with an expertly accurate markup, delivering it to Aaron in 48 hours.

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Keep in mind we're doing level 5 finish on this project and working with union.
Thank you, looking forward to seeing the final numbers in the bid.

On top of that, Lauren walked Aaron through the markup and coached him on incorporating Millcreek’s labor efficiency into the bid.

Thanks to 1build, Aaron downloaded a clear, accurate, and professionally-designed cost estimate in Excel with marked-up PDF plans and quickly turned it into a bid.

A week after the bid, his team got the call:
The job was theirs.

A job done well, easily and fast. Just what you need, too.