We’re your building partners & problem-solvers.

Trusted, efficient, and working around the clock for you so you can work harder elsewhere. With our combination of real-time material and labor data, technology, and highly experienced professional estimators who know their way around a jobsite, you get the help you need to grow your business.

The 1build ethos is work smarter and harder.

And our trusted team lives up to that every day. We are experts in our fields, a team that includes experienced estimators, award-winning architects, construction managers, and data scientists. We combine our knowledge, experience, and professional expertise to make life easier and help your business succeed. It’s the kind of team and collective know-how you won’t get from any other service, company, or in-house estimator.

We set out to modernize the estimation process.

To bring it up to speed and meet you where you are. Today cost estimation is clunky, chaotic, and inaccurate. Hiring an estimator in-house is unaffordable and takeoff software is impossible to use.

At 1build, we took the best of both: actual professional estimators plus smarter software that you don’t have to learn. 1build makes the whole process a truly enjoyable experience for builders. And we’re well on our way to changing the entire game just ask our host of happy, satisfied, bid-winning customers.

Think of us as your go-to team.

Because we get to know you, your projects, and your process, we develop a trusted partnership that takes the stress out of your estimation process. Once you start working with us, we learn about your typical projects, labor rates, and favorite suppliers. And we bring that knowledge to every project, so you’re never starting from scratch. It’s the support and advice you need to nail your numbers and win more bids. With 1build, you can rest easy knowing we have your back, always.

Request an estimate now and see how much simpler it can be.